Introduction to my series about the goddesses.

If it were true that history repeats itself, it would be possible to interpret the present. Yet, everything that is to come feels uncertain and beyond our reach. That is why I look for support in the past. I feel connected to the artists from the fin-de-siècle, the period from around 1890 to 1914. These artists lived, just like I do now, in a time when one century ends, and the next one is facing us.

I find the frivolousness from the belle époque and the decadence of past times reflected in the countless fashion and glamour magazines in my studio. Flowing dresses, expensive fabrics, priceless jewellery and lots and lots of beautiful people. I go back to the nostalgia and aesthetics of Art Nouveau.

Just like the artists of the Art Nouveau, I want to enchant the viewers with unabashed beauty that comforts and reassures through the things that we know. Like them, I go back to tradition by depicting Greek and Roman mythology. However, at the same time I want to make the viewer think about the core values of our human existence.

By using symbolism from the world of the gods, I personify subjects such as wisdom and science, durability and innovation, nature and beauty, by drawing goddesses like Minerva, Flora and Aphrodite. The classical art and stories give me structure in our often complicated global society.

If history repeats itself, then my work continues that which has already been depicted for centuries: life itself. As an artist I walk the tightrope of reality and fantasy. I want to embellish and entice my surroundings, but at the same time I want to make it aware of our basic values. Because, just as in the world of the gods, decay is always just around the corner and a quarrel is easily started.