About me:

In 2004 I graduated from the art acadamy Artez in Kampen (The Netherlands). After graduating I kept evolving my work into what it is currently. I focus mainly on drawing and have an inclination towards Art Nouveau and fin-de-siècle.I feel connected to artists of this period because they lived, just like I do now, in a time when one century ends, and the next one is facing us



Tabitha Brouwer  (1980)
Works in Haren (NL)


2004 CABK, Kampen, NL

Grants and awards:

2004 nomination TENT-Academy Awards
2007 Startstipendium, BKVB


2014 Blind date, Utrecht. Group exhibition.
2013 Twisted Fiction, Kunstenlab Deventer. Wall painting and drawings with Geert Bartelink.
2013 Tupajumi Super Re: Seller show, Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam. Group exhibition.
2012 Galerie with tsjalling, Nocturne, Groningen. Duo exhibition with Geert Bartelink.
2012 Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam.
2011 Nieuwe Uitleenschatten, Groningen. CBK Groningen and SBK Amsterdam.
2011 Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Galerie with Tsjalling.
2011 Galerie with Tsjalling, Groningen. Dolen III
2011 P.art of your Life, Zwolle. Dolen II
2010 Kunstvlaai, Dolen, with Mariette Linders, Marisa Rappard and Geert Bartelink.
2008 Galerie Erica Stulp, Groningen.
2008 Markant Cultureel Centrum, Apeldoorn.
2005 Koornemarktpoort, Kampen. Group exhibition.
2005 Lazy Mary, Street Art, Utrecht.
2004 TENT,nomination Academy Awards, te Rotterdam.
2004 Final exam exhibition, Kampen.
2003 Rockarty, cultural festifal, Enschede.


2007 STAKK, Catalog of honouring by 15-years existence of
Stichting Ateliervoorziening Kunstenaars Kampen
2010 Met Stip, BKVB